About my dog

Hi! This is a page on my website all about my dog, Sadie. If you would like to adopt a dog

visit the SPCA website!

About Sadie

Sadie was born on April 20th 2016. We got her in July 2016 from a pet shop in NewMarket. I remember when we brought her home for the first time. We got out of the car and took her downstairs, lowering her onto the ground. Her whole body shock, she shock so much it almost seemed as though her tiny delicate legs were going to fall off. She was the cutest wee thing. She had a pitch coal black fluffy coat which was covered in little tiny bits of newspaper from the pet shop. She had a small face, a wet nose and big brown eyes. Sadie was very quiet and very little for her dog breed, she was the runt of her brothers and sisters which meant she was very small. We liked Sadie like this. We all got onto our knees and started playing with her. At first she didn’t want to play, she felt insecure and worried that something might happen to her (especially because she was in a new place) but slowly she warmed up.It has been 2 years since we got her now. We have taken her to puppy school and she has learnt lots of basic things like sitting and staying etc. The other week we taught her how to shake! Sadie loves to run with my Dad. She loves human food, even though it isn't good for her. Sadie is naughty, funny, playful, annoying, fun and loving. I wouldn’t trade her for anything else. I love her.